The Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushroom effects are similar to those of LSD. A magic mushroom trip takes you beyond normal perception and back again. It's usually how you are feeling at the time which will make the trip a good one or one you'd rather forget - if you can remember it at all that is!


Magic Mushrooms - Shrooms & LSDThe most commonly used magic mushrooms are non-poisonous but they do contain varying amounts of the conscious altering substances psilocybin and psilocin. And when eaten or drunk in a tea they combine readily with the brain to produce a powerful psychedelic trip - shorter lived but similar to a mild dose of acid. And as with LSD, the effects vary greatly depending on the mood, situation and expectations of the user.

Many people who have used both prefer magic mushrooms saying they enjoy a more "natural trip" than with LSD. For the majority of users a trip induces feelings of intense calm and spiritualism. Depending on how much you take, this usually kicks in after about 20 minutes and the trip can last for around six to nine hours. Once taken, though, there is no going back.

Effects of Magic Mushroom Trips

Because magic mushrooms affect the mind and alter perceptions of sight and sound, the world usually becomes a brighter place. Colours are more vivid and sounds are more crystal clear. Users say a good trip can be a lot of fun but a bad trip is like your worse nightmare suddenly jumping up and slapping you in the face. One person can spend six hours in a very happy place while another can spend six hours lost in fear and paranoia witnessing terrifying hallucinations.

One user experiences an intense appreciation of everyday things, normally taken for granted, and a feeling of having found their "true self". Another sees chairs hurtling around the room and becomes withdrawn and fearful after a terrifying trip.

Such different experiences suggest that people who are going through a bit of a rough time emotionally should be careful about using psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms as they can intensify the user's feelings at the time.

In the short term, adverse physical side effects can include nausea, sickness, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea - after all you are eating a fungus! Psychologically there could be feelings of paranoia and being out of control if you take too much.

Very little research has been done into the long term effects of magic mushrooms. Unlike hard dugs there appear to be no serious problems such as dependence or withdrawal. Although the body quickly develops a tolerance and you need more mushrooms to get the same initial effect, continuous usage is very uncommon.

It's important to remember that magic mushrooms and highly poisonous fungi can look very alike. So if you're planning a wild mushroom hunt be aware that the fungi you think is going to give you that hallucinogenic high may poison or even kill you.


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