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For some the world can be a cold, scary and often a very lonely place. Guide4Living aims to provide completely independent information on the most pressing health and social issues of our time.

We exist to provide a global online self help group and meeting place for anyone seeking information and support in their struggle to cope with disease, addiction or despair borne out of some other affliction. Editor's Note >>>


Breast Cancer:

Breast Cancer - information at Guide4LivingBreast cancer strikes more than 1 million women a year worldwide but its causes remain one of the greatest mysteries confronting the medical world today. breast cancer

The Long Goodbye

Imagine sitting with your mother when she turns to you and asks: "Who are you?" or "Why are you here?” Imagine a mother not recognizing her son or daughter…or a husband forgetting his wife and children? This is the cruel world of Alzheimer's.

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Real Stories

Personal Stories at Guide4LivingRead personal stories from people who have suffered from debilitating illness and the people who have cared for them.

Learn how others have dealt with disease, from the shock of diagnosis to living life in the shadow of Lung Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Drug Abuse, Parkinson's Disease, Skin Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's Disease.

Cocaine - The Facts

An expensive drug, cocaine tends to be used by an older more affluent crowd who are quite happy to dip in and out of their emotions for about £20 per half a gram. But it has no real social barriers and is equally at home with the destitute who beg, borrow, steal and even kill for it. about cocaine


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