Multiple Sclerosis: Personal Stories

Real Life Accounts - MS

Three people with widely different experiences of Multiple Sclerosis tell their stories:

Ed's Story - despite displaying MS type symptoms since 1999, Ed is still waiting for an accurate diagnosis of his condition

Lisa's Story - Lisa, from Las Vegas , describes her experience of living with MS

Marie-Carmen's Story - Marie-Carmen is a young Spanish woman who is wheelchair bound with MS

Rick's Story - Rick tells of his mother's suffering and how he also had to cope when his wife Mary to was diagnosed with MS.

Yerti's Story - Yerti since discovered she had MS at 18 but diagnosed only when she was 51. Dealing with it for her has been knowledge and laughter.

Lisa L's Story - Lisa refused to lay down and give in to MS. Here she describes how she learned to cope with MS by means of channeling her passion for horses and one horse in particular - Solo.

Desiree's Story - When she was approximately 16 Desiree began having debilitating back pain, which would come and go over time. See how she has learned to combat MS.

If you'd like to tell your story about the effect MS has had on your life please send it to us (click here).


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