Multiple Sclerosis : Marie Carmen's Story

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My life has changed a great deal because of this disease.

I've gone from being an independent person to being a person completely dependent on others for the most basic things, like going to the toilet. I spend all day in a wheelchair with all the limitations that involves.

It has been and still is extremely difficult to accept Multiple Sclerosis because each time I have an "attack" I have to accept new limitations.

Actually I feel quite well at the moment - I had another MRI scan this year and the neurologist has told me the disease has stabilised. I haven't had a new serious attack in the last four years.

The only treatment that I'm receiving is one daily tablet of Imurel (which stops my body from fighting against itself so much). When I have an attack they give me a Flebogamma drip.

My local town hall's social assistance department sends me a female helper for one hour a day from Monday to Friday to help me with personal hygiene. But it's only an hour a day and that's when my mother goes to do the shopping. The rest of the time I have to rely on her and she can't really go anywhere.

Both my parents are getting on in years and suffer from arthritis. My husband works and is out of the house all day. I haven't received any contributions from the Social Security Department because when I finished studying to become a teacher they didn't organise any public examinations and the local employment office was closed down. And by the time I was 27 I had the first symptoms of this terrible disease.

I keep asking the authorities to give me a small monthly allowance so that I can pay someone to look after me which will give me a better quality of life.

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