Breast Cancer Prevention

Preventing breast cancer

Is breast cancer prevention a pipe dream or dare we consider the possibility that that there are things we can and should be doing to eradicate a disease which appears to be spiralling out of control?

There are many recognised risk factors associated with breast cancer including age, family history, alcohol, smoking and obesity. Obviously you can’t do anything about your age or family history but changing your lifestyle might well reduce your chances of developing breast cancer and many other life threatening diseases.

But the fact is that women who exercise regularly, live on organic fruit and veg and generally adopt an enviably healthy lifestyle still develop breast cancer. Only between 5-10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary so is there something else we should be looking at in terms of preventing the disease from developing in the first place? Many campaigners believe they know the answer to this all-important question but they feel their voices are being at best ignored and at worst silenced by political forces, global corporations and the multi-billion dollar cancer industry.

It’s a fact that the huge rise in the number of breast cancer cases over the last 50 years has coincided with an explosion in the use of chemicals and cancer-causing agents in the environment, in the workplace and in countless domestic products. Many research studies point to a link between breast cancer and exposure to harmful synthetic chemicals found in common or garden household goods such as paints, cleaning fluids, cosmetics and even certain shampoos. The studies haven’t yet been big enough or conclusive enough to force governments to act to eliminate known cancer causing agents from the environment, processed food and household items found in millions of homes worldwide.

Campaigners believe powerful vested interests are blocking desperately needed research and a wider public debate on this vital issue. Is it possible that this debate is being stifled by the manufacturers of products containing carcinogens, the cancer industry which thrives from various breast cancer treatments and even by some hugely wealthy “non profit-making” cancer charities?

If you have an opinion on this thorniest of subjects use our feedback to keep the debate in the public eye. And if you want to get actively involved in the campaign for more research into possible links between chemicals and breast cancer, contact these pioneering organisations:
The UK’s Women’s Environmental Network - encourages women to “put breast cancer on the map” by helping to identify possible links between breast cancer clusters in the UK and environmental pollutants
The USA’s Breast Cancer Fund - leads the fight in the US to identify the causes of breast cancer which the organisation claims is largely preventable

The Breast Cancer Prevention Program is a controversial book written by Dr Samuel Epstein, a leading environmental campaigner in the USA. The book examines the causes of breast cancer and ways to reduce the risk of developing the disease. Available online from both: Amazon


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