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Coping after Surgery

Of course the post-mastectomy period is difficult for any woman. You may feel an essential part of your femininity has been lost forever and it may take months, even years, to fully come to terms with those feelings. There’s nothing odd or abnormal about you if you feel this way. But take heart from the fact that many other women have felt exactly the same and have gone on to lead lives which they found far more rich and rewarding than in their pre-op days.

There are countless tales of inspirational women who have taken up marathon running and adventure sports in their fifties and sixties to achieve maximum fitness post-operatively and to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of life. You’ve learned the hard way just how precious life is so now’s the time to make the most of it!

Some women have exploited the opportunity of reconstructive surgery as a way of attaining the “perfect breasts” they always dreamed of. It’s not for everyone, but some women choose to have one breast reconstructed and the other either enlarged or reduced to match.

You may not have Amazonian tendencies and the idea of further surgery may appall you, especially in the early days after your mastectomy. But there are still plenty of ways to look and feel good after your op. Just because you’ve had a mastectomy doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to lacy lingerie and sexy swimwear. There are plenty of good post-mastectomy products on the market – ranging from prostheses and bras to flattering bathing suits and bikinis.

There are companies which specialise in these products with experienced staff who understand your anxieties and needs. Even if there’s no specialist high street shop near you it’s possible to find and order the products online.

Buying a post-mastectomy swimsuit might be the last thing on your mind if you’re faced with the prospect of follow-up radiation and / or chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells which may have spread beyond the breast. Once again, you’ll find the Internet a valuable resource when it comes to finding other women in the same boat. Chatting online to other women who are going through what you’re going through now and those who have emerged at the other end of the dark tunnel can be a huge source of strength and comfort.

This is such a different world than that of our grandmothers who lived in an age when cancer was almost a dirty word, breast care nurses didn’t exist and a total lack of post-op support left women struggling to cope in fear and isolation.

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