Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure - worth monitoring for a healthy future

A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is particularly useful when it comes to measuring the blood pressure of patients with arthritis and other arm ailments that render them unable to use traditional blood pressure cuffs. Whilst generally seen as inferior in the past, new developments have ensured that these days' wrist blood pressure monitors are just as accurate as their traditional cuff counterparts.

Due to the fact that wrist monitors are generally incredibly sensitive to factors such body temperature, position and movement, it is absolutely essential that the utmost care be taken when measuring blood pressure with a wrist monitor so as to avoid inaccurate blood pressure readings.

Possibly the most important consideration is the position that the monitor is in when the reading is being taken. The wrist blood pressure monitor needs to be placed securely on the wrist, and the wrist positioned directly in line with the heart. This will be at approximately the same level that the arm would be at were a sphygmomanometer being used.

Books, files and blankets can all be useful in elevating the wrist to an appropriate level. Pillows will also come in handy when it comes to keeping the wrist perfectly still due to the fact that stacking pillows on either side of the arm will prevent the arm from moving either horizontally or vertically. Finally, feet should remain firmly on the ground and uncrossed during the reading so as to ensure the most accurate measurement possible.

Although sometimes pricey, wrist monitors are nevertheless one of the most popular home blood pressure monitors. This is primarily due to the fact that, unlike blood pressure cuffs they are usually compact and easy to transport. They are also generally far more reliable than finger blood pressure monitors which are even more sensitive to movement and positioning.

Renowned manufacturers of wrist blood pressure monitors include Omron, Braun, Lifesource and Microlife. Omron in particular stock a wide range of wrist blood pressure monitors such as the portable HEM 629, the Advanced HEM 637 and the Super Compact HEM 630. Wristech also manufacture a battery operated wrist blood pressure monitor which is lightweight, easy to use and economical. The monitor also has a built in memory which allows you to chart your blood pressure over an extended period of time so as to determine your mean blood pressure.


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