Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Lumiscope Professional Monitor

Lumiscope blood pressure monitors are well known for their accuracy and durability. The majority of Lumiscopes are battery powered and feature either a semi-automatic or an automatic inflation feature. Arm and wrist models are typically automatic, while traditional blood pressure cuffs come in both digital and manual models. In addition, manual versions are available with either built in or separate stethoscopes.


Some popular Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor models include:

Manual Professional Blood Pressure Monitors:


  • Comes with a detached stethoscope (nurse style)
  • Easily readable with metal gauge and spring clip

Lumiscope Finger Blood Pressure Monitor:


  • Large finger circumference range
  • Internal Pump allows for automatic inflation

Lumiscope Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor:


  • Two memory zones each containing 30 memories
  • Allows for 30 readings to be stored each by 2 people
  • Battery Operated

Lumiscope Arm Blood Pressure Monitor:


  • Measures while Inflating through Advanced Technology
  • Incredibly compact and lightweight
  • Automatic one-minute shut off
  • Battery operated

Lumiscope Arm Blood Pressure Monitor:


  • Displays both numerical and graphic (averages over time)
  • Blood pressure displayed with both date and time
  • Internal Pump for inflation

Lumiscope Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor:


  • Ideal for traveling
  • Super sensitive detection of first heartbeat allows for extremely accurate readings
  • Built in cover for high level of protection


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