Digital Blood Pressure Monitors - Review

Digital or Electric Monitors

The majority of people who require a home blood pressure monitor ultimately invest in a digital model. This is primarily due to the fact that digital blood pressure monitors are both less sensitive and far simpler to use than their aneroid counterparts.

Aneroid BP monitors differ from traditional sphygmomanometers in that they do not make use of any liquid whatsoever. Indeed, when translated from French, the word aneroid literally means ‘no liquid.' Instead of making use of mercury, aneroid monitors measure blood pressure with the aid of an exceptionally sensitive spring that is positioned within the D ring cuff. The disadvantage to this type of monitor is that it is incredibly delicate and sensitive to positional change which often makes it difficult to use.

Digital, or automatic blood pressure monitors as they are sometimes called, use an inbuilt computer to determine blood pressure levels. This means that sound in no way plays any role in the determination of the blood pressure readings. A unique chip within the digital blood pressure monitor is programmed to pick up emissions from within the cuff, which it then converts into a reading. The reading is then digitally displayed as systolic pressure over diastolic pressure.

Models will either come with a cuff which fits around the upper arm, or alternatively a cuff that fits around the wrist. Almost all models inflate and deflate automatically, and some of the more advanced models will even provide individuals with a print out of their blood pressure readings. In addition digital blood pressure monitors are also usually incredibly compact, which makes them easy to transport and thus perfect for home use. Possibly the only disadvantages to using a digital blood pressure monitor are that they are often extremely sensitive and can sometimes be rather expensive to purchase.

Some more popular brands of digital blood pressure monitors include Lumiscope, Omron Digital Monitors, Lifesource and Delwa Digital Monitors. Omron in particular is renowned for their digital monitors which are widely used both by medical practitioners and in the homes of private individuals worldwide. The ‘700' range of digital monitors is particularly popular and includes models such as the HEM 780, 773, 712C, 747, 711 AC and 739 AC. Finally, if it's an incredibly advanced model that you are seeking, the Omron HEM 705 CP Blood Pressure Meter comes with a built in printer which prints out pulse rate, diastolic and systolic pressure along with date and time each and every time that blood pressure is taken.


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