What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's Disease...

Understanding AD

“Imagine slowly forgetting everything you ever learned in life?

Imagine not knowing what day, year or season it is? Imagine being angry, afraid, tormented, confused, sad and frustrated most days?

Imagine being afraid to do simple tasks like take a shower? Imagine forgetting how to dress, brush your teeth, use your fork, swallow, laugh and even talk?

Imagine staying awake at night even when you are exhausted because your brain won’t rest? Imagine forgetting everyone that was important in your life…everyone you ever loved?

Imagine sitting with your mother when she turns to you and asks: "Who are you?" or "Why are you here?". Imagine a mother not recognizing her son or daughter…or a husband forgetting his wife and children?

These are real experiences of people with Alzheimer’s disease and they are devastating.”

These words were written by a woman called Shirley – a woman who knows. She’s been through that terrifying dark valley known as Alzheimer’s Disease and she’s still trying to heal from the experience. Shirley cared for her beloved mother after she was diagnosed with AD and she watched helplessly as a “tornado” ripped through her mother’s mind, tearing her apart along with all those close to her. She suffered agonies when her mother failed to recognise her as her own daughter. And she suffered further heartbreak when it all became too much and she was forced to place her mother in a nursing home.

But the greatest torture of all came just six weeks later when her mother died in that “no expense spared” home which was later found guilty of failing to provide proper care. (Read Shirley's Story)

Shirley has made it her mission to campaign for more support for the “angels and warriors” who care for the victims of Alzheimer’s Disease. With the right support, she argues, families could care for their loved ones at home and allow them to die with dignity. Instead, the vast majority of caregivers suffer a living hell of guilt, fear, anger and isolation as they struggle to cope with a dearly loved relative whose personality is changing beyond all recognition before their very eyes.

Guide4Living Presents Alzheimer's Disease Support

All terminal illnesses are naturally devastating for everyone involved. But Alzheimer’s must rank as one of the cruellest conditions known to man. There’s no really effective treatment, no cure – and in many cases not even a definitive diagnosis. And with people in the developed world living longer than ever before, the number of AD cases is on the rise. As many as 18 million people worldwide are believed to suffer from the condition.

This site aims to provide independent information and advice about a devastating disease which rarely makes headlines despite the havoc it wreaks in the lives of so many millions of people around the world. If you have something to say about it, please contact us at:guide4living@gmail.com


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