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Shirley, from Hawaii, lost her mother to Alzheimer’s in July 1999. When caring for her became too much to cope with, Shirley and her family were forced to make the devastating decision to place her in a nursing home. They found the best home money could buy – but Shirley’s mother died there six weeks after her admission. The home was investigated and found guilty of “violations” in her care – read Shirley’s story here

Kathy Graham, 56, runs an Alzheimer’s support group on Long Island, New York. She stresses the need to allow Alzheimer’s sufferers to die with dignity at home whenever possible – read what Kathy has to say

Devoted husband, Bob, describes the emotional and physical trauma of for caring for his wife after she was diagnosed with both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. And he tells of his heartbreaking decision to place her in a nursing home after he found out he had prostate cancer – read Bob’s story

Brenda Race, originally from New York but now living in Tennessee, was also forced to place her mother in a nursing home when she could no longer cope with caring for her. She talks movingly about the guilt felt by all care givers and offers some valuable advice to anyone following in her footsteps – read Brenda’s story here




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